Talking 'bout my Generation: The Ultimate Problem of Millennials

Talking 'bout my Generation: The Ultimate Problem of Millennials

Millennials death row
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hard times for dreamers

MILLENNIALS: The Generation 'Y', the "ME ME ME" narcissists with *no* work ethic and destructive partying habits. Yes, us Millennials are messy babies; we are entitled human beings and we love our pseudo-hippie lifestyles and Instagram selfies. BUT there is a lot more to our generation than selfishness; and while I have encountered different opinions in articles about it, not a lot of them are addressing an issue I personally, but also as part of the group, is concerned with: the dying arts. This article is as much of a defense as it is a criticism of our generation, with the "arts" as the center of an issue us (I daresay minority) Millennials are suffering from. 

 Millennials are poor

As Millennials, we have a hard time growing up. We are unable to metamorphose into the "butterfly" we are supposed to be, because being the worm is so much more comfortable. This fear, however, stems partly from the "over protection" we had growing up, and we don't realize until we're supposed to be ready to move on. The thing is, we have been pushed aback by the same people who are trying to push us forward; the authoritative figures in our lives want us to be a certain way; they call us lazy, the "ME ME ME" Generation, but the concerns we have are different from theirs. 


We are not interested in politics, and in buying cars & houses, or "putting a ring on it". Personally, I believe this is due to the amount of BS and corruption that exists around it. Both the political and economical factors affecting Millennials do not necessarily come from us being entitled, or self-absorbed; it comes from the past, from the history created by those before us. We are not able to grow, or get jobs not because we are lazy, but because the jobs (we want) are not available to us .

Millennials miserable

Which brings to light the main issue of the Millennial Generation: "These are hard times for dreamers." Millennial artists are a breed of starved creatures, and the technology monsters are eating them one by one. And this is why our generation is fucked; not because we don't buy houses or pray to a God, but because our priorities have been shifted barbarically by those before us. Sure, we love our iphones and social media, but we also don't have much of a choice otherwise. We drink, we smoke and we party and do it all over again (and again and again) because we don't know what else to do with our lives. We succumb to mindless jobs, borderline-prostitution (see video below), and absolute carelessness because our lives lack freedom. We think we are free, but really, we are seemingly caressing depression's door listening to a background of bad pop music. 


The writers, the poets, the painters are drowned by cubicle jobs and bad prose. We are the Millennials with much less direction and "achievement" who are all knocking at a door that has no one on the other side, except some kind of circus art. Yes, of course we will still write, yes, we are not censored, yes we love gays and we wish we were all a little gay somehow, but our art has no audience; it is nearly obsolete, because we cannot carry the world and be ourselves without staying in the middle. 

Millennials hopeless

But we are not middle people, and that is the is the reason for our insatisfaction. We need and WANT more, and this is precisely why our generation is so bored and narcissistic. We are punks with student debt and crippling hunger for a New Vision; a hope for a new birth of artists and a new way of thinking, not the same as it was before (because this is why the past is the past) but a Renaissance of freedom and love for the arts that goes beyond good and evil; that goes beyond war and politics so we Millennials become the Generation that saves art from extinction. 

new vision kill your darlings

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

And let us redefine the "American Dream" so we can finally break the cycle and dance to the beat of our OWN drums! 

beat generation millennials

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