Popping My Cherry; My First Time With Cirque De Boudoir

Popping My Cherry; My First Time With Cirque De Boudoir

A sexy party for open minded people
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This past Saturday I attended Cirque De Boudoir’s Fantasyland 2014, at the Telus Theatre on St. Denis. It was my first time going to one of their events and, I have to admit, I was nervous to be attending. When it was announced that an IX Daily correspondent would be attending the event, I never thought it would be me. But two glasses of wine later, and suddenly feeling bold, I put my name in for the chance to go… and was approved for the assignment. I panicked, unsure of what I was getting myself into, and began counting down the days until Fantasyland.

Let me begin by explaining, briefly, that I grew up Roman Catholic. While my parents were always open and approachable, I could and still can talk to them about anything, my teachers were less so. I attended a Catholic school when I was younger. It had its own church across the road, we had to wear a uniform (until the school dress code changed), we began the day by saying the Lord’s prayer and they considered the highlight of the academic year when the new Bibles were handed out. When it came to sex, or our bodies, it was a topic best left alone. My first (and last) experience with my school’s sex ed involved a nun telling my class that if women had sex before marriage, their vaginas would swallow them whole and they’d grow hair on their eyeballs.

No, I’m not joking.

The church attached to my school

While it’s been more than twelve years since I've changed religions, and found one that matches my own beliefs, sex has still been a touchy topic for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to joke or talk openly about sex, but demonstrating sexual kinks or preferences in a physical way has always been hard for me. I’m not touchy-feely, I’m not overly affectionate, and while I’m comfortable with my body I’m definitely not one to show it off in public. So the idea of going to Fantasyland had been keeping me up at night, and as the date crept closer I found myself becoming increasingly anxious.

The Friday before the event I began to stress over what I was going to wear. I sifted through my wardrobe but nothing felt sexy enough. Nothing seemed right. Sure, I had a few tight black dresses, but I wanted to wear something outside of my comfort zone. After all, if I was going to do this, then I wanted to at least do it right. I ended up settling on an all black onesie, with chiffon accenting the collar and sleeves. It was even designed to expose part of my back, helping me get into the mindset of a sex-kitten (meow). I paired it with some black flats and this black top hat/headband/thing that I’d received as a gift a few years earlier. I added a long silver chain with a black rhinestone elephant to the outfit, and put on a few pearl bracelets to match the pearl accents on the top hat. All in all, I thought it was pretty hot.

Pre-party people

I got dressed and headed to my friend, Sterling’s house. She’d agreed to go with me and be my moral support for the evening. She settled on a tight black skirt and a gorgeous sequined crop top. We fixed our hair (she spiked hers up and I curled mine), put on our makeup (I've never put on such a dark smokey eye, or had such red lips before), and downed a bottle (or two) of wine. It was fun putting ourselves together. We also decided to step up our game when it came to our bras. I knew that I wanted to try everything at Fantasyland (and I mean everything) so I wore a bright pink bandeau, while Sterling had on a red strapless bra. I knew there was going to be body painting, and the onesie I was wearing converted into pants that would have made MC Hammer proud, so I wanted to be prepared.

Then it was one bus, four metro stops, and a wrong turn, before we arrived at the Telus theatre.

The first thing I saw when I got there was a transvestite in the women's washroom wearing a Snow White costume. Maybe I should have been jolted by the sight or felt uncomfortable, but all I could think about was how incredible he looked. The fact that he was that open, that comfortable with his own body, astounded me. I spoke to him about his costume, about how he was liking the event, and I left the women’s washroom feeling instantly empowered. If he could own that Snow White mini, then the hell if I wasn't going to own my black onesie all through the night.

A transvestite Snow White met me in the washroom

Sterling and I then entered the event through the balcony area. This is where they had the majority of the BDSM, and fetish play, set up. A man in a leash being ordered around by a dominatrix, a girl bent over a railing being spanked in time with the beat, someone in a latex bodysuit and mask being tied to a rack… It was so much fun. I made a mental note to come back up before the end of the night and test out the equipment.

The floor below the balcony was the dance area. Squid Lid had just begun playing when we got there and they were playing some sick music as Sterling and I danced our way closer to the stage, tequila in hand. Everyone around us was in costume and what had felt like being overdressed earlier that evening, seemed wildly under dressed by the middle of the night. Women dressed as unicorns, men in leather, Disney characters scattered around the room… Suddenly my black onesie wasn't all that impressive next to the girls in latex and pasties.

Squid Lid played some wicked music

We ended up heading over to the body painting area beside the stage once we were feeling brave enough. The body painter and skilled henna tattoo artist, Allison Brown, decorated Sterling and I with glow in the dark body paint. Waiting in line for our turn with the artist, we ended up watching an incredible striptease. A woman on stage began peeling off clothing as she rubbed cake batter on a giant prop penis while smearing some on herself. It was followed by an intricate pole dancing routine done by two performers, which I watched from my spot at the artist’s station.

It was unnerving taking off the top of my onesie. I’m shy in a bathing suit, never mind a thin bandeau in the middle of a crowd. But I unzipped the back, rolled down the bodice, and let the woman work her black light sensitive magic. While unsettling, it was invigorating not worrying about my body. I didn't feel judged, excluded, or stared at. It felt incredible to just, for lack of a better term, be free for the night and forget all my worries.

Sort of terrified being naked in public

Newly liberated, and feeling hot, Sterling and I made our way back up to the balcony area. A cute girl in a leather suit greeted us with bedroom eyes and a whip. Determined to try everything the event had to offer, I asked the woman how someone new to the BDSM scene could try some of the fun the room had to offer. She said you don’t have to ask, you just join in. Then she told me to lie down on one of the benches, where she whipped me lightly with her cat o’ nine tails. Awkward as this may be to admit, it was fun. It was hot, exciting, wild, and completely unlike me. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the experience and saddened when the night came to an end.

A sexy woman with a cat o nine tails

While I have to admit that I was expecting Fantasyland 2014 to be a bit wilder (with more sex, more chains and much rougher fetish play then I’d seen) it definitely lived up to its promise of being a fun filled night with sexually open minded people. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and the encouragement I received when testing my own sexual waters was overwhelming. If someone was looking to try their kinks and test themselves in a safe and supportive environment, I would suggest attending next year’s Fantasyland or any other event put on by Cirque De Boudoir.

I know I’ll be at their next one. How about you?

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