PREMIERE | Montreal's Uzuazo Drops Visuals For "Houston Rocket"

PREMIERE | Montreal's Uzuazo Drops Visuals For "Houston Rocket"

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20 year old UZUAZO is an alternative hip-hop artist and producer based in Montréal.

His album titled Why We Say Peace is scheduled for a 2017 release. Directed by Xavier Cantin-Lemieux, his latest release is a music video for his tune "Houston Rocket"

Shot during a roadtrip to the USA, in plein-air, the music video, as simple as can be, is stunning in the sense that we can focus on the lyrics and hype around the infectious bridge and chorus that will stay stuck with you for some time. 

We did a lil' Q&A with Uzuazo. Scroll through it below, and cop "Houston Rocket" after the jump. 

How do you describe UZUAZO under 140 characters?

I'm trying to be the best I can be and make great music the world can vibe to. 

If you could describe your music using a gif you found on the internet, which ones would you choose? 

What are some of the things that inspire you to make music? 

I love the process; it's like a mystery box. You don't know what you're going to come up with every time you sit down and decide to create. There's an endless possibility of creating great musical moments which is really inspiring. Listening to other artists inspires me as well. A lot of the time I'll hear something crazy by someone and immediately go to my keyboard or write. Apart from those I'd say real life experiences.

What is the  last text message you sent (or received)?

How involved were you in coming up with the concept of your latest music video? (link) 

100%. We actually had plans to shoot a video for "Houston Rocket" back in September 2016 when the song was only the beat I had just made. I was playing my beats for Xavier and he was like "yeah, I want to shoot a video for that one" almost immediately. We started planning the video in March. In our initial meetings, we began with the song's concept and bounced ideas on how best to translate it into visuals. Everything you see in the visual is very much inspired by themes taken from the song.

Talk to us a bit about the vibe of your upcoming album "Why We Say Peace" - What can we expect?

I'm focused on making the album I've always wanted to hear; one that fully represents me and my taste. I don't want to tell people what to expect sound wise because it's been through a lot of changes; but a big goal for this album is to make every song translate well live. I'm working on making the music dynamic and captivating. Moreover, the title "Why We Say Peace" plays a big part in the album's content, so expect more on that upon release. Overall, I'm trying my best to create moments on each song that are worth revisiting over and over again. 

If you have one thing to look forward to in the near future, what would it be?

Finishing "Why We Say Peace". It's my first project in about 3 years, and to be honest, it's the first I'm putting this much care into making right. I'm looking forward to getting it done and out. It's about time!


Houston Rocket available on all streaming platforms:

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