Spring Comp - HxC x Brakeless Lifestyle Edition

Spring Comp - HxC x Brakeless Lifestyle Edition

For me, Springtime means getting on my bike every morning, on my way to work or school, and pedalling according to the tempo of whatever song I'm listening to. Not being the most punctual person, this usually means a very fast-paced song, or a song that awakes in me homicidal desires, therefore making me pedal faster. There are 5 songs in particular that awaken that most primal instict, and, of course, I prepared a list.

1- Aexisonfire- Wayfarer Youth

 This was probably my favorite song off the dearly regretted Canadian band's penultimate album, Old Crows/Young Cardinals. Awesome song, about leaving like a northern bird in search of warmth.

2- The Wonder Years - Logan Circle

There's always that one moment, usually mid-May, when I'm biking through Westmount Park, and realized that the dam's been flooded for the summer. And that always makes me extremely happy. This song is about just that.

3- Lifestory: Monologue - Wolves Behind Me

Off the Canadian band's 2010 EP Hold Me In the Wind, My Friend, this is the song that has propelled the band to their current status. Also, how tr00 is that “I will be where you can't find me/standing still in a field/wolves behind me” line, amirite?

4- The Cool Kids - Black Mags

An oldie, about getting on your bike, looking swagged out as fuck, and cruising 'round the block, saying hi to freckled hotties and old friends. Anything better?

5- HandsLikeHatchets -Jonestown's In Shambles, and It's All Thank to You

 A song I wrote a while back, with my now defunct band Hands Like Hatchets (kinda bummed that one of my favorite bands right now is called Hands Like Houses, but whatevs). It's about coming out of your hibernating cave (your bedroom) and saying hello to the sun. Sick breakdown, and lyrics about a “girl with freckles, and warm summer skin”. Nothing quite puts me in the mood like that.

By billyeff
Apr 4, 2012 @ 14:04


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