Riverbeds - Hiding Small Things in Obvious Places (Album Review)

Riverbeds - Hiding Small Things in Obvious Places (Album Review)

If you haven't heard of Riverbeds, I suggest you begin paying close attention to them. Founded back in 2010, the Montreal-based alternative/post-rock band have brought together the talent, dynamism and pure dedication of four young men backed up by over 25 years of experience in the Quebec music scene. Influenced by bands such as Thrice, The Almost and Circa Survive amongst others, Riverbeds have taken their favorite qualities and emerged with a sound of their own. In their latest EP Hiding Small Things In Obvious Places, Riverbeds gives us the chance to taste a midly dark and enticing combination of alternative riffs and post-hardcore elements, filled with magnetic instrumentals fit for an escapist heart. I found myself lost in harmonious compositions, feeling secure in an atmosphere so warm and familiar. I especially felt that way with three particular tracks, "Iron", "Years" and finally, "Dark".

Track #2 Iron
Picking up where the slightly melancholic "Removing the Head" left off, "Iron offers a more upbeat rhythm while still following a similar emotive theme. Essentially hinting on bits of hope and bringing forth the overall message of not letting go, it is truly the explosive and carefully crafted instrumental breakdown that caught my ear, and ultimately moved my senses. I truly believe this is one thing Riverbeds definitely excels at, synching each and every note in a manner that will clench unto your heart. This segment gives us a first taste of the band's genius, further foreshadowing what is to come, while also underlining the good that many years of musical experience can do.

Track #4 Years
Taking into consideration the cleverly-selected title, this track gives off the sensation of time-travel through a pattern of repetitive riffs. Let me put it this way: picture a long, flowing verse, followed by a short but important and inspirational chorus. It's a quest for solutions to many unsolved riddles, a longing for victory. The striking words "I will stand tall" are simple yet packed with meaning. It's a way of saying you won't be defeated, you will keep your head above the water until you reach the shore. "Years" is a tune you should listen to with eyes closed, head titled back, body relaxed. It's rhythm is soothing despite the fast paced beat. Just let yourself be guided the sincere set of vocals in this poetic tune.

Track #5 Dark
This EP finds seamless closure through this powerful track. Despite being called "Dark", it proves to be quite the opposite. Just like the previous, it is stimulating by all means, perhaps even being the most blissful of them all. Once again backed up by eloquent lyrics, a heartfelt orchestra of guitars, bass and drums convince us to let go of our fears and asks us to instead feel ourselves strengthened by such an alluring sound. And to make this journey all the more deserving, the track closes off with an instrumental segment fit for an epic finish. They are in their element, putting their entire souls into such a powerful jam. It will definitely leave the brightest smile upon your face.

While it is already possible to hear the EP in its entirety on the band's official page, Riverbeds will be holding an album release show on November 24th. Sharing the stage with special guest Be Astronaut, the show will begin at 9PM and will be held at Panda Bar. It is the perfect opportunity to grab a few drinks, meet the band, and pick up the EP! More details could be found through Riverbeds' Facebook.

Also, be sure to watch the video for the band's first track "Removing The Head" below.

By Nathania Wreh
Nov 17, 2012 @ 16:46


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