Montreal Producer JPolo Wants You to 'Be Water'

Montreal Producer JPolo Wants You to 'Be Water'

JPolo presents us one way to 'smoothly' stray away from trap with Aquahub, his new self-released EP. It did not take long for me to enjoy the refreshing sounds of JPolo. Here is why:

Though JPolo is using the kinds of kicks & snares you might hear in over-the-top, bass-driven contemporary hip-hop music, his use of the 808 and synth sounds is more elegant (similar to how Vondelpark charmed us with the wonderful album Seabed earlier this year). The arrangements are well-structured and appealing.

There is something 'vaporwavey' about Aquahub (reminiscent of music released by Beer on the Rug for example), but only on the surface. The music does not limit itself to 'being wavey' and brings together element from smooth jazz (nothing wrong with that), r&b and, of course, instrumental hip-hop.

What is most impressive about JPolo is that he is a fairly unknown producer with very little online exposure. That however may change. The Aquahub EP is available via Bandcamp. Dive in.

By Marc-Olivier Novak
Aug 25, 2013 @ 17:30


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