Montreal Artists To Pay Tribute To Lhasa

Montreal Artists To Pay Tribute To Lhasa

If we cannot change the course of life, we will certainly remember and honor the memory of those who have impacted ours existence during their brief stay on Earth. Friends, family, artists and residents of the Mile-End have decided to pay tribute to the late Lhasa de Sela by giving her name to the park Clark. While signatures are currently being compiled to complete the procedure, our very own Montreal musicians will be commemorating Lhasa's memory this Sunday at 6:00pm corner Van Horne and St-Urbain by giving a free concert in the park. Line-up shall includes acts such as Plants and Animals, The Barr Brothers, Little Scream and many more to be present for this very special occasion, bring your voice and you alive self to for a momentous evening that promises to be charged with emotion.


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