Montreal Artists To Pay Tribute To Lhasa

  • If we cannot change the course of life, we will certainly remember and honor the memory of those who have impacted ours existence during their brief stay on Earth. Friends, family, artists and residents of the Mile-End have decided to pay tribute to the late Lhasa de Sela by giving her name to the park Clark. While signatures are currently being compiled to complete the procedure, our very own Montreal musicians will be commemorating Lhasa's memory this Sunday at 6:00pm corner Van Horne and St-Urbain by giving a free concert in the park. Line-up shall includes acts such as Plants and Animals, The Barr Brothers, Little Scream and many more to be present for this very special occasion, bring your voice and you alive self to for a momentous evening that promises to be charged with emotion.

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    • 55 min 26 sec ago Jordan Henri
      We know you're sitting on your bed, scrolling endlessly through your Facebook feed. Maybe trying to get over the aftermath of last night. So why not spark a fatty and check out this awesome video for "Stoners" from Nina Sky and Smoke DZA, Directed by Blizzedout x Feebzz. It has some perfectly mellow vibes to help you forget how much your head hurts, and who you may or may not have hooked up with last night. So roll up, sit back, and enjoy this gem. You'll feel better, I promise. You can...
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      So I’m a noob/layman in terms of Hip-Hop. I like myself some smooth rhymes and I’m a downright fanatic for RnB, but when it comes to what actually defines the genre of Hip-Hop… I’m clueless. Sixteen years in the making and five years into my residence in Montreal, I’m kicking myself for only now taking a jab at the MEG (aka. Montreal Electronic Groove) Festival. Only, one year too late, given that Breakbot brought the MEG BOAT (yes, I said BOAT) down for their 15th year. No matter, given the...
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      1 hour 54 min ago Jessica Abou
       Qohen Leth is a man who cuts himself out of society, thinking communication and human interaction is a pointless waste of time. He isn’t necessarily unsocial, rather a recluse; hidden away in an abandoned burned down chapel, he bought several years earlier. When he does talk about himself, it’s always as a collective, stating “we are dying” or “we fear nothing most of all”. His life, according to him, is meaningless and will amount to nothing. The only thing holding him together is the...
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      Paradise Fears is a (now) 5 piece alt-rock band straight out of South Dakota.  After notable success with their original music as well as YouTube covers, the band set out to tour America, Canada and the UK.  On August 12th, Toronto will get their chance to see the band play live at Virgin Mobile Mod Club (772 College St.). The guys are said to put on a great show, with acoustic versions of their songs and surprisingly tight harmonies.  source To get the show started, ...
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      Opening up in a Victorian realm of white and blue, in an unwelcoming frosty landscape where many have risked and lost their lives, we witness the birth of an average boy with a mechanical heart, one built with gears like a clock. His name is Jack, the protagonist of Jack et la Mécanique du Coeur, a beautiful French film drenched in CGI and based on a novel and a song by the same name. The mastermind behind the animated piece's history is co-director Mathias Malzieu, who is also the...
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      Entering Pemberton Music Festival 2014 on the Thursday afternoon you’re greeted by festival crews ready to direct you into the magic that is Pemberton campsites.  Many a folk bitched and moaned at the 15-minute walk to the campsite but this is farmland and that’s not how things work so suck it up bitches and moaners.  Arriving to the camping area you’re divided into provinces like the site is one mini-Canada. Walking through the main path hay stretches out as far as the eye can see...
      1 day 6 hours ago Nicola Storey (Nica)
      Pemberton day 2 had hit and I was holed up in my tent chugging Vitamin C and mauwing bananas trying to emerge ready for the day of music. Recovery was necessary and it was going to take a lot to get me, and most of the festival goers, on their feet again. But the music was starting and I was damn-well not going to let my hangover stop me from making it some of my favourite artists of the day. First up on my list was Wild Belle, since I was still recovering from the musical depth I'd...
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      There is an endearing phenomenon in sexuality, (perhaps quite common) that it is not as explored as others due to its taboo nature. "The Lolita Complex" (a variation of the Oedipus and Elektra complexes), describes the attraction of an older male towards a younger girl, or young-looking, childlike woman. The Lolita Complex has been exploited ever since the in-famous publication of Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" (where its name comes from). One of the most famous passages from Nabokov's novel is...
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