Montreal Artists To Pay Tribute To Lhasa

  • If we cannot change the course of life, we will certainly remember and honor the memory of those who have impacted ours existence during their brief stay on Earth. Friends, family, artists and residents of the Mile-End have decided to pay tribute to the late Lhasa de Sela by giving her name to the park Clark. While signatures are currently being compiled to complete the procedure, our very own Montreal musicians will be commemorating Lhasa's memory this Sunday at 6:00pm corner Van Horne and St-Urbain by giving a free concert in the park. Line-up shall includes acts such as Plants and Animals, The Barr Brothers, Little Scream and many more to be present for this very special occasion, bring your voice and you alive self to for a momentous evening that promises to be charged with emotion.

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    • Like to get your inner freak on? Want to see humans dressed as pit bulls rip each other apart?  Welcome to Die Antwoord’s North American tour where normality does not exist.  Die Antwoord released Donker Mag, their newest album, earlier this summer and will be touring with the damn thing. Check out when these fine felines are in your city and make sure to cop a ticket before they’re sold out. See the Tour dates below. 09/05 Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory Outdoor Stage 
    • 0 sec ago Anonymous
      "Confessions..." is an on-going column where we invite readers to submit their most outrageous personal stories anonymously for everyone to read. These stories are real, and usually come from people who lead double lives. Due to the nature of the subject matter, all identities are kept anonymous to protect the person's job, and normal day-to-day life. Click Here for more Confessions stories. My name is *******, and I am a Montreal stripper. You are about to read about my experience...
      17 hours 7 min ago Lux Cabatingan
      I've been particularly interested in Anti-Feminists lately and watched a thought provoking profile piece by VICE on the women activists within then Men's Rights Movement. Broadly speaking the Men's  Rights Movement (MRM) is a countermovement to Feminism. Mens Rights activists see men as an oppressed group and believe that society has been 'feminized' by the Feminist movement.  (1)  Bish please, if you have the time to pose for a picture with a sign about how you're 'against...
    • 17 hours 10 min ago Katlyn Jennings
      A testament to his expertise at being bad-ass, "Easy Rider" is Action Bronson's latest gold. Produced by Party Supplies and directed by Tom Gould, the video tracks Bronson trippin' on acid through the desert.   So, let's review the level to which he is bad ass. He's chased by the po' on a Harley. He fights a group of truckers on acid. He rocks out like Slayer on a guitar, sunset fading in the distance. Oh, and did I mention he's on acid the whole time?   I heard your bitch...
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      Cancelled wedding
      17 hours 28 min ago Gabriella Zemokol
      You may have thought to yourself many time already "wow I shouldn't have done that" or "I'm gonna regret that in the morning", but just remember, you will never be able to fuck up as bad as Tucker Blandford did with his ex fiance. We can already celebrate to that fact. British Student Alex Lanchester was studying for one year over seas in Connecticut when she met Tucker Blandford. We all know what usually happens on an exchange.... lots of partying, not much studying, and possibly...
      Ready for fall: The War on Drugs release video for "Under the Pressure"
      17 hours 57 min ago Emily MacLean
      Lost in the Dream is far and away my favourite album of 2014 so far and I don't even listen to music that utilises guitars and real drum kits regularly, so I was extremely stoked that The War on Drugs have released a perfectly-suited Houman-directed video for "Under the Pressure", one of the very best tracks on the record.  Better-than-Instagram filters and depressing-yet-familiar suburbs give the video a hazy, late-autumn tint, which suits the mood of a song that initially...
    • 18 hours 46 min ago Nick Watts
       Released just this past Friday on Sony's electronic sister label, Ultra Music, Swedish-born superstar David Vrong strikes back with a brand new track that will have listeners dancing on their toes. Composed alongside a Belgian female vocalist known as Amaëlle, "Breaking Out" has an amazing fusion of style, that blends heavy electro synths with the structural patterns of deep house. Vrong has to be one of the hottest upcoming producers of 2014, and I guarantee you that you'll see...
    • 18 hours 52 min ago Nick Watts
      In celebration of the release of their debut single, "This Is Life", on Australian-based record label, VELCRO Records, we decided to interview this fun Canadian duo to talk a bit about who they are, what they do, and what's in store for them.   IX: Nice to speaking with you both today, what's new? All is 1DAFUL! IX: When was the first time you both performed together? It was back in 2010, and they thought we were Duck Sauce, haha!  IX: Tell us more about the 1DAFUL Summer...
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