Aurganic Displays No Sophomore Slump on 'Deviations'

  • Sonically, playing in a duo is tough.  To fill up the space of a four or five piece band with just two people, you need an innate sense of knowing where the other person is playing and know how to fill the space left by the other.  In the case of Aurganic, Leo Pisaq and Michael Kossov have that innate sense when playing with one another.

    Aurganic 1

    Self-described as "an experimental alternative/electronic project of two multi-instrumentalist producers that turn the sound in their head into a colourful musical palette," one should rightfully go into listening to the band's second album, Deviations, scratching their heads.  But a quick spin of the album removes all the confusion as one's initial skepticism should quickly turn to a relaxed look and a gentle bobbing of your head.

    Aurganic 2

    With strong shades of The Postal Service, and Incubus running through the veins of each of these songs, Pisaq and Kossov are able to write fantastic lyrics with phenomenal melodies that evoke emotions from every corner of your heart.  On "The Lost and the Found," a strong jazz influence permeates as an upright bass steps into the limelight while featuring carefully placed drumbeats.

    Aurganic 3

    On the other side of the coin, we get "Southbound," a song that opens with a four measure guitar lick that cycles throughout the opening verses; however, the song breaks down about halfway through its more than seven minute run-time into an Explosions in the Sky-esque breakdown before coming back into the song.  This opus is reminiscent of Minus the Bear's segue from "Diamond Lightning" into "Toska."  However, in this case, "Southbound" keeps going as opposed to splitting in two.

    Overall, this is a fantastic album and look for this Toronto based duo to keep up their positive momentum as the continue their ascent through the ranks of the music world.  The album comes out on September 24; however, you can stream it through their Bandcamp page here.

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