Ambient Trap: Introducing Wayvee

  • We can never get enough of 'trap bangers' nowadays, but we believe the future of the molly-infused genre lies in its more delicate and intimate younger sister. She doesn't really have a name (yet), but we've all come across her smoothe and sexy RnB feel mixed onto bass and trap elements. Like many, I like to call her Ambient Trap. Aka The type of shit you'd play trying to get laid after a busy night out (lol).

    Taking the genre to the next level of subtle excellence, 20 year-old ambient trap/grime producer Wayvee from Auckland (NZ), currently signed on the Eighth Supply label, delivers that immersing smooth trap flow with consistent caliber; his Soundcloud filled with an underappreciated collection of instrumentals and remixes that'll carry you like a beautiful wave crashing onto an empty shore in slow motion. Pleasing to the ears, soft on the mind.

    I apologize for the autoplay, but you've got to give his Candy Swallows EP a listen, released about a month ago. Check out this recent release with similar-sounding Finnish future bass producer Elaksi, Elaksi x Wayvee - 'Does'. Give both the homies a scroll on Soundcloud, you're bound to find your next favorite song. 

    Keep up with Wayvee

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    We first heard of the homie Wayvee through Soundcloud. Make music you think we'd dig? Submit your music on the IX Soundcloud page or shoot us an email at


    Like what you hear? Check out Montreal's very own High Klassified, arguably a pioneer of the genre. Here's his Soundcloud.

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