SoCal debuts: Hideouts - Stuck Between Stories (album review)

SoCal debuts: Hideouts - Stuck Between Stories (album review)

5 young funnymen hailing from the beautiful sunny location of Huntington Beach, California joined forces to create a band characterized under the genre of pop-punk. They called themselves Hideouts and have since then released an EP in November of last year. They've also toured around a bit with The Dangerous Summer. influences such as Jimmy Eat World, Paramore and  Four Year Strong, it is evident that the hard rock is still present, though a bit overshadowed by various pop aspects.

To those who aren't familiar with the pop-punk genre, or automatically yet falsely regard it as "emo", here's a bit of a description to clear your minds. Pop-punk: a genre that is more melodic with cleaner lines than the original punk rock music. It is a strand of alternative rock which typically merges pop melodies with speedy punk tempos, chord changes and loud guitars. Also described as having a radio friendly sheen to their music, but still maintaining much of the speed and attitude of classic punk rock. Most notable acts in this genre would be Blink-182 or Sum 41.

Stuck Between Stories, their first release as a band proved that these men are capable of keeping their head above water in such a drowning and high-pressured industry. The album as a whole is high-energy, get up off your feet where you can hear the drive and passion in the vocalist's voice. The lyrics are clear and resonant. The guitar chords are vivacious, however special mention should be given to the drummer. The percussive lines are clean, diverse, captivating and are what I believe to be the leading factor to the success of this band.

The vocals are reminiscent of Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens, though not in genres as they differ greatly, the vocal range and tone are very similar, both higher-pitched than the usual male band and both share a quality of pureness in their sounds. The tracks are similar to those of All Time Low and Yellowcard, however there are hints of aggression which brings to mind a fusion of Sleeping With Sirens and A Day To Remember with the screaming parts stripped down.

Also, can we please take note of how intricate the album art cover is. A forbidden and hidden world behind elevator doors. This art could be interpreted in so many different ways, a lost boy finding their way home, the discovery of different potentials out there in the world etc.

All in all, I must say I am very very glad I discovered this band. I'm certain these boys will make it far in the years to come and I am honoured to be able to have heard of them so early on in the game. I found myself humming on to the tracks are random times, even though I've had a listen through only maybe twice. It is a very propelled album with spurts of lightning energy and an edge of angst.

Check out their opening track "Alleybyes", also made into a music video.

Anne Yin
By Anne Yin
Jan 15, 2013 @ 15:21


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