IX Podcast 05: JPolo

  • We first found out about JPolo over the summer. His Aquahub EP (available here), filled with proper instrumental hip-hop beats, jazzy synth sounds and underwater vibes (further described here), would charm both the newly and the most initiated. We're talking waves here. They hit you like a soft breeze. That is not to say JPolo is afraid of true hard-hitting hip-hop. It is the way he blends his own mellow sound with today's rugged trap music that will surprise you.

    Charlton Diaz x Sam Moukhaiber

    Something about the JPolo sound made us want to showcase another very worthy URL talent. Tumblr-sphere artist, established male model and aspirant music producer Charlton Diaz agreed to provide artwork for this podcast. We invite you to visit his blog and check out his recent collaboration "ACCESS_BOY" with photographer Sam Moukhaiber.

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