Casino: Black Hornets and Homeland EP Release Party

Casino: Black Hornets and Homeland EP Release Party

Who Are Casino?
Hailing from sweet suburban Montreal is Casino, a dedicated alternative/pop-rock ensemble composed of four talented guys: Joey Berlangieri, Mike Berlangieri, Corey Biondi and Marc Gebrayel. The project began in 2008, and soon evolved into a collection of heartfelt tracks, with a first EP released in June 2011 titled Sainte Rose. The album, which is available for free download on their official page, is just the beginning of the astonishing qualities the band has to offer.

Black Hornets
In light of their soon to be released Homeland EP, a video for Casino’s single “Black Hornets” has been released. Directed and edited by Randy Santandrea and carefully presented in peaceful gray scale, we follow the protagonists’ vital journey, a search for some form of closure or acceptance, a well-sought escape. He travels alone in familiar spaces: a field, a forest, a dusty road. Throughout, one could only imagine the thoughts roaming through the back of his mind, narrated by the lyrics of this emotive tune. Our wanderer seems to answer his interrogations as he pauses, the circling of the camera connecting him to the band. He finally reaches his desired destination, an opening in the forest revealing a river, a refreshing sense of serenity. The composition of the accompanying track is equally revitalizing. It is calming as it is enticing, and quite energetic while remaining poetic. Casino have definitely done a great job at piecing the elements of pop rock in an alluring way.

Homeland: EP and Release Party
If you have already fallen for this song, you definitely need to pick up their upcoming EP from which the song derives. Not only will Homeland be released on November 19th, but there will also be a concert party to celebrate it. Casino will be holding their show at La Sala Rossa on Saint-Laurent on the same date at 7:30 PM sharp. Joining them will be Midnight Romeo from Quebec (they shared the stage with bands such as The Sounds, Die Mannequin, Simple Plan, Foxy Shazam, and more), presenting the crowd with a sweet dance-rock ambiance. The show is all ages, so be sure to be there! Tickets can be found here or at the door. More information can be found on the band's Facebook page.

Casino + Midnight Romeo
Sala Rossa
4848 St-Laurent Boul.
Montreal, QC

Be sure to check out the Homeland EP teaser below:

By Nathania Wreh
Nov 8, 2012 @ 23:59


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