Craziest News Stories of the Week!

Craziest News Stories of the Week!

Richard III Discovered Under a Parking Lot

Yep, the power-hungry, ballsy-to-the-bitter-end monarch immortalized by Shakespeare's play about his violent demise-- leading a charge then getting brutally hacked, stabbed and mutilated in the Battle of Bosworth Field has been found... under a parking lot (or as those posh brits say 'car park') in Leicester, England. Apparently, being a disgraced and generally hated King makes for some unceremonial burial rites and it took some digging (literally) for a team from the University of Leicester to find out where the approximate site is. A great scientific and historical discovery in an unlikely spot. (Full Article)


Theme Park to be Built Where Osama Bin Laden Was Shot?

Abbottabad: the Pakistani city where Osama Bin Laden was shot, has been having a bit of a dip in tourism...can't imagine why! What's not to like about a sleepy suburb in the middle of a semi-volatile country... Anyway, the city has decided to build a theme park in a quest to boost those numbers! Apparently it will have nothing to do with Bin Laden but will be more focused on things such as mini-putt and petting zoos...sounds legit. (Full Article


Ontario Cheese Factory Fire = Possible Poutine Shortage??!!

OH GOD WHY? WHY??!!!!! THE HUMANITY!!! (Full Article)


Porn Star In Space

Space: the final frontier. And now one brave porn star Coco Brown will be the first porn star in space. Ms. Brown has paid $100,000 of her own money to take part in a private Dutch Space mission and has already undergone all the necessary training. Unfortunately (i guess?) she said that sex under zero gravity will be too difficult, but fear not...she may still "pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background." (Full Article


Hitchhiker Saves lives By Killing Attacking Man with Hatchet

I can't even begin to do this story justice, and this larger than life drifter-turned-savior does a way better job so just watch the video below...(Full Article)

By James Hecht
Feb 5, 2013 @ 21:51


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  • Montreal and Toronto's nightlife scenes are notorious for its eclectic crowds, avant-garde fashion, and wild times. People travel from all over the world to come party in these cities. Whether it is to hear good music, watch good looking people dance the night away, or to end up at one of those wild afterparties. We picked a couple of candid photos that showcase magical moments of what represents a night out in Montreal and Toronto to give you a small taste of excitement for the weekend:...
  • A few days ago, a new petition against rapper Action Bronson has sprung up on the internet, but this time, it's to attempt to ban him from performing at Montreal's Osheaga Festival. The reason?  Action Bronson brags about rape, violence against women and even femicide in his song Consensual Rape and his music video Brunch. This new trend has been directly influenced by the successful petition that was put together to get him off the roster for the NXNE public show that he was scheduled...
  • Japan is hands-down homeland of the freaky: they make the creepiest horror movies, invent useless and scary stuff that can give their horror movie a run for their money... In conclusion some of the things that hail from the land of the rising sun are bound to give you nightmares, or plain and simple weird the f*** out of you. One of their latest additions to the theatre of the macabre is the dating simulation game Hatoful Boyfriend - literally translated as 'hurtful pigeon boyfriend'......
  • Time travel. While for some it's nothing more than a farfetched dream only fulfilled through countless amounts of science fiction, for others it's a work in process - a possible feat in the near future. In Jacob Gentry's SYNCHRONICITY, traveling through time and space becomes a successful operation when physicist Jim Beale (played by Chad McKnight) and team do the unthinkable. Fast-forward 30-45 minutes into the feature. Without thinking, Beale steps into the wormhole opened by the...
  • Disclosure just released a brand new music video for their extremely catchy and feel-good track titled "Omen" featuring Mr. OG himself: Sam Smith on vocals. The video is a sequel to the debut single "Holding On" featuring Gregory Porter, which you can watch below.  The storyline for "Omen" continues two weeks later in the new music video above, with Sam Smith in the middle of a club, singing his heart out in the middle of a sweat-infused Eyes Wide Shut scene. You get a sense of some...
  • If you follow Diplo on Snapchat, you know that he basically lives on a plane, flying from one place to the other on the daily to DJ at a variety of events and shows.  He just released an exclusive Apple Music mix for Mad Decent through his Connect Page and it is pure [FIRE EMOJI] - Stream it below, and add it to your playlist:    
  • Printz Board's new video for "Rock n Roll," features several guest appearances/cameos that pop-up through the camera lens of your iPhone in this POV-style music video. This LA-based artist and producer brings the party with this guitar-driven, indie pop track that's sure to be the perfect addition to your summer jam playlist. I've provided a the most recent press release for you to check out below. The brand new music video has an impressive list of guest appearances/cameos including...
  • Each borough in the city of Montreal (just like any other city) - has its own unique story. From striking landmarks, eccentric characters, to particular ways of going about day-to-day activities. Each neighbourhood has its own flair and vibe that infiltrates the surrounding culture and inspires the people who have grown up with it and who in turn contribute to its ever-evolving personality.  We decided to reach out to creative individuals around the city to talk to us about how growing up...
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