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  • Richard III Discovered Under a Parking Lot

    Yep, the power-hungry, ballsy-to-the-bitter-end monarch immortalized by Shakespeare's play about his violent demise-- leading a charge then getting brutally hacked, stabbed and mutilated in the Battle of Bosworth Field has been found... under a parking lot (or as those posh brits say 'car park') in Leicester, England. Apparently, being a disgraced and generally hated King makes for some unceremonial burial rites and it took some digging (literally) for a team from the University of Leicester to find out where the approximate site is. A great scientific and historical discovery in an unlikely spot. (Full Article)


    Theme Park to be Built Where Osama Bin Laden Was Shot?

    Abbottabad: the Pakistani city where Osama Bin Laden was shot, has been having a bit of a dip in tourism...can't imagine why! What's not to like about a sleepy suburb in the middle of a semi-volatile country... Anyway, the city has decided to build a theme park in a quest to boost those numbers! Apparently it will have nothing to do with Bin Laden but will be more focused on things such as mini-putt and petting zoos...sounds legit. (Full Article


    Ontario Cheese Factory Fire = Possible Poutine Shortage??!!

    OH GOD WHY? WHY??!!!!! THE HUMANITY!!! (Full Article)


    Porn Star In Space

    Space: the final frontier. And now one brave porn star Coco Brown will be the first porn star in space. Ms. Brown has paid $100,000 of her own money to take part in a private Dutch Space mission and has already undergone all the necessary training. Unfortunately (i guess?) she said that sex under zero gravity will be too difficult, but fear not...she may still "pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background." (Full Article


    Hitchhiker Saves lives By Killing Attacking Man with Hatchet

    I can't even begin to do this story justice, and this larger than life drifter-turned-savior does a way better job so just watch the video below...(Full Article)

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    1 year 6 months ago
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    • 7 hours 44 min ago Nick Brutus Grass Younes
      Homie High Klassified sent me a private link to this video 2 weeks ago to check it out before it was released. Let's just say it was on loop for an hour, as I couldn't lay my eyes off of the booty and esthetics of the video (I also felt the urge to pick that half-wedgie the girl has...). Directed by trend-master extraordinaire, Baz, the video is nothing short of a cluster-fuck of lucid representation of the idea behind the track "Hyrule Kastle". Let's just get one thing straight: High...
    • 10 hours 17 min ago Nikki Noborikawa
      Electro pop London Grammar released their second If You Wait remix EP right before kicking off their North American tour. The English trio has teamed up with the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Tourist, UNKLE, Evian Christ, and more to bring their beautiful ethereal music to even greater heights. London Grammar released remix EPs for all five singles from their debut album including “Metal & Dust,” “Wasting My Young Years,” “Strong,” “Nightcall,” “Hey Now,” and “Sights.”  And their If You...
      10 hours 43 min ago L-SPEX
      Do you remember a time before pop punk was instantly associated with pitch correction and perfect hair? Do you remember before the Internet? Do you remember anything? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have just found your new favourite band.  In case you zoned out after reading the headline, I’m talking about Joyce Manor. Hailing from the LA suburb of Torrance, they’re making a name for themselves as California’s best new export (second only to feature films and...
    • 10 hours 49 min ago Nick Watts
      If it's one artist to keep an eye out for this year, it's Australian-born DJ & producer, Jimi Frew. Having just concocted one of his newest creations entitled "Yalla", the 23-year old DJ & producer is destined for a solid amount of praise. With support from a plethora of world-renowned composing artists, this one doesn't disappoint.  Opening up with a wobbling synth line paired alongside a kick / snare pattern, Jimi then grabs his production by the horns and guides it straight...
      10 hours 55 min ago Emily Wicks
      Music icon Prince has announced that he will be releasing not one but two new albums on September 29, 2014 and we are all super pumped about it! This is exciting news as we have not heard from Prince in quite a while! These albums will be released globally under the Warner Brothers Records label. The much anticipated albums are Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum.  Art Official Age is a solo album from Prince, but the album Plectrumelectrum is...
    • 11 hours 9 min ago Nicola Storey (Nica)
      Ever wake up in the morning to the electronic chirping of morning birds? Well maybe you should start with The Morning Birds latest remix of “Indian Summer Bloom” remixed by Dimond Saints. The music video takes you through a slow motion acid trip with time-lapsed flowers and hair whips filtering through your retinas. Smoke rolls across the screen as fireworks and jellyfish flash in and out making this video a psychedelic paradise. Spiralling from a creative vortex, The Morning Birds create...
      1 day 32 min ago Katlyn Jennings
      This is insane. Nobumichi Asai and a group of digital designers and make-up artists have teamed up to create "Omote". "Omote" combines real-time face tracking and projection mapping technology in order to alter the face of a model in real time. Check it:    The nerd inside me is freaking out. Think of the potential for live performances.  This is the future of entertainment, and we haven't even scratched the surface. For instance, Microsoft's been toying around with...
    • 1 day 1 hour ago L-SPEX
      No, this ain't your mama's shopping list (unless she's in the market for the hottest club bangers around). DJ Mustard (born Dijon McFarlane) is a 24-year old hip-hop/R&B producer from LA whose time-tested melodies and upbeat rhythms have quickly made him the thump of the town. After producing for everyone from YG to JLo to Drake and penning a management deal with JAY Z's Roc Nation, it's clear that no one can knock Mustard's hustle. Over the phone, IX caught up with him about his past, what...
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