Craziest News Stories of the Week!

Craziest News Stories of the Week!

Richard III Discovered Under a Parking Lot

Yep, the power-hungry, ballsy-to-the-bitter-end monarch immortalized by Shakespeare's play about his violent demise-- leading a charge then getting brutally hacked, stabbed and mutilated in the Battle of Bosworth Field has been found... under a parking lot (or as those posh brits say 'car park') in Leicester, England. Apparently, being a disgraced and generally hated King makes for some unceremonial burial rites and it took some digging (literally) for a team from the University of Leicester to find out where the approximate site is. A great scientific and historical discovery in an unlikely spot. (Full Article)


Theme Park to be Built Where Osama Bin Laden Was Shot?

Abbottabad: the Pakistani city where Osama Bin Laden was shot, has been having a bit of a dip in tourism...can't imagine why! What's not to like about a sleepy suburb in the middle of a semi-volatile country... Anyway, the city has decided to build a theme park in a quest to boost those numbers! Apparently it will have nothing to do with Bin Laden but will be more focused on things such as mini-putt and petting zoos...sounds legit. (Full Article


Ontario Cheese Factory Fire = Possible Poutine Shortage??!!

OH GOD WHY? WHY??!!!!! THE HUMANITY!!! (Full Article)


Porn Star In Space

Space: the final frontier. And now one brave porn star Coco Brown will be the first porn star in space. Ms. Brown has paid $100,000 of her own money to take part in a private Dutch Space mission and has already undergone all the necessary training. Unfortunately (i guess?) she said that sex under zero gravity will be too difficult, but fear not...she may still "pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background." (Full Article


Hitchhiker Saves lives By Killing Attacking Man with Hatchet

I can't even begin to do this story justice, and this larger than life drifter-turned-savior does a way better job so just watch the video below...(Full Article)

By James Hecht
Feb 5, 2013 @ 21:51


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  • This little app called Snapchat is definitely trending right now. It's a place where you can totally be yourself (or not) through a 10 seconds video that people can watch once. This "burn after reading" app also has an option where you can send the snaps to all your friends and create your "Story". Snaps uploaded in the "My Story" section are kept alive for 24h and die... and then get thrown out of the galaxy and disappear forever. We've got to admit, it is a really entertaining app, but...
  • hey, we are hinds and this is chili towndirected by Hinds and Alex Delucas.shot by Miqui Brightside and Jorge Lion.edited by Carleone Films.special thanks to Lois Brea and Luci Díaz. here the song +/or buy the EP here: 
  • Lille France based producer and MelodySoul co-founder CYGN seems to fly under many radars which is unfortunate considering what an extraordinary artist he is. He recently graced the internet with his latest effort, The Leitmotiv EP - a wavy and cosmic exploration of your soul. At seven unique tracks, CYGN creates a mellow landscape of effortless and progressive future instrumentals with some jazz and experimental hip hop to help you traverse your mind and body. As...
  • For someone who's "tryna write a song everyday cause the rent coming," you can tell ShaqIsDope is pretty dedicated to his music itself more than to pay the rent. Writing everyday has led the 22 year-old emcee and rapper from Toronto to release a couple of great singles in the past few months, such as "Wraith Dreamz," "Too Much Ambition," and "My Time." Now he's back with an anthem, "DWNTWN," produced by David Greene who also produced CJ Flemings' "Status". As the rapper describes it well...
  • Presented at the TOM* Fashion Week, Lafaille showed its "Get Well Soon" Collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Photographer Shayne Gray captured the eclectic collection and vibe of the show, which played on the "Get Well Soon" title showcasing "sickly-looking" models wearing these post-modern (almost) androgynous garments, meticulously put together through a palette of eye-friendly colors, graphics and materials.   Scroll through the entire collection here:  ...
  • Toronto-based photographer Joshua Telfer wasn't able to get his DSLR camera into The Weeknd's exclusive album preview show at Mod Club. Dubbed as Abel's last intimate show, there was a 'no camera' policy which excluded media-types to bring in their DSLR camera. Joshua Telfer decided to pull out his iPhone 6 and captured some of the most serious images of the night in black and white. This visual lookbook gives you such an intimate, yet vivid look at The Beauty And The Madness that is...
  • If you missed out on last night's hot mess of a Video Music Award show courtesy of MTV, you wouldn't know that Miley Cyrus hosted, and ended up dropping a full 23-track album for free on her website. This announcement came at the end of the show, after she performed her latest single "Dooo it!" alongside contestants of Drag Race. The 23-track project features guests like Big Sean, Ariel Pink and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. It is titled "" and encompasses her overall vibe of gender-...
  • 2014 was an enthralling year. How can anyone forget Solange and the elevator incident or J.Law’s nudes leaking?! Some celebrities tend to make the headlines A LOT more than others. Whether it’s repeat offenders or new comers in tinsletown, the gossip, hot messes and absolute trainwrecks are quite a sight to see and hear about. For some of these lucky celebs, the spotlight burned a little too brightly; and so when 2015 rolled around, they decided to lay low and apply aloe directly to their burnt...
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