Open Your Mouth for Those Who Can't

Open Your Mouth for Those Who Can't

Barbie Breakout, a Berlin based drag queen has released a YouTube video in which she literally sews her lips shut on camera. You might ask why she would do such a thing? A description of the video and its message are here, because the video itself can be quite difficult to watch for some.

Clip from Open Your Mouth

While sitting, facing the camera, she takes a needle and thread and begins sewing through her lips. A voice over begins midway through with the following message:

Ever Since Russia and Putin passed the anti-gay law, gays lesbians and their friends get publicly humialiated, beaten, encarcerated and even killed on a regular daily basis. So far our government has done nothing to prevent that. Don't let them take your voice. Speak up. Open your mouth.

 The video was filmed by Barbie Breakout's partner who couldn't bear to watch her do it. See the video below to fully take in how powerful the symbol is.

Barbie Breakout

Barbie Breakout's video is a direct response to the lack of international involvement regarding Russia's anti-gay legislature. While many others have started questionable campaigns against Russian liquors and many groups are calling for a mass boycott of the upcoming olympics, there has been no intervention from foreign agencies. Barbie Breakout is calling for action to protect LGBT community members in Russia.

Find out more about the Berlin artist by visiting her Facebook page here.

By Maxwell Turner
Aug 6, 2013 @ 03:54


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