To Tinder or Not to Tinder? or How to get Laid using your Smartphone

  • There is a new, absolutely effortless way to get laid, and what's so great about it is that you don't even need to get your ass out of bed to find your soulmate. Yes, the time of desperate nocturnal hunts is over, thanks to Tinder—a smartphone app, launched in the US, that permits you to browse through the profile pics of sexy fellow users. The way it works is simple: if a chick or a guy is hot, like their photo. And if they like yours back, you can instantly commence your digital flirtations. Who knows where it might lead you... Already 6 people got engaged this way.

    When there's a match, the chat can begin

    Well, that’s fantastic. Zero effort is needed to get into a hot person's bed. The era of shyness is now over, and you can talk to your 1-minute-old crush without fear of being ridiculously incapacitated. 

    But honestly, that shit is weird. I mean, a machine is hooking you up. What happened to "No pain no gain"? Where is the challenge, the satisfaction that you’ve seduced someone by your own means, the pride, the glory, the timeless moment when you finally get what you want? You can flirt at home to get in touch with the people that are supposed to like you, and vise versa. I said, "supposed to like you." Many people see this phenomenon as the glorification of appearance over personality, and although I might sound like a lame old transistor radio, yeah, that’s "today's sad truth". 

    Who knows who you're dating, they're sexy psychopaths sometimes...

    Yet, think of the hundred times you fell in love in the street. How many times did you tell yourself that you would definitely marry that girl if you had the opportunity to chat her up. One has to admit that almost every romantic or sexual encounter is triggered "at first sight". With Tinder, there are no excuses. So, hey, it's the modern day, and finding a way to have sex without putting in huge amounts of time or money, would not label you as a creepy-geeky-stalker just for having that app on your phone.

    So, for every guy who needs a wingman, and every chick who needs a wingwoman, don’t rely on your best friend; Tinder is faster, better, and it won't ever cock-block you.

  • By Virgile Castro
    1 year 1 month ago
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