WW3: Because Killing Civilians Is Only Okay When Obama Does It

WW3: Because Killing Civilians Is Only Okay When Obama Does It

With what could be the prelude to World War 3, Obama has effectively announced confirmation of his plans to move foreward with military action in Syria after the recent alleged chemical weapons attack that left thousands of innocent civilians dead. The decision prompted the representatives from both China and Russia to walk out on the UN meeting earlier today.

Someone somewhere seems to have reached the conclusion that it was, in fact, al-Assad's government that launched the attack on the people of Damascus rather than desperate measures taken by the rebels (the FSA have pulled a series of lesser shots in the past), knowing that Obama stated that the "red line" would be when chemical weapons were used, in order to prompt international intervention starting with an expected Kosovo-like airstrike campaign. Because why not needlessly kill thousands of your civilians by way of an internationally denounced method when you're already winning your war? Sounds like a great idea! Not a blatantly stupid move at all.

We all remember what happened the last time the POTUS decided to go ahead with military intervention based on a hunch back in 2003.

It's ironic that Obama & co. would be so eager to launch another military invasion into the Middle East considering he's the one who finally brought the ridiculous move into Iraq by the Bush administration to a long-awaited close, but here we are. Yet again.

It's no question that something needs to be done about obscene death and destruction inflicted by both the SAA and FSA, but when Britain is seeking authorization from the UN to use military force before the investigation of the incident is even finished, and when your major international allies are advising against it, and when 70% of your population is opposed to the idea -multiply that by the amount of love trigger-happy Obama has for killing civilians with drone strikes - you come out looking pretty bewildered at this sudden decision 27 months and 100,000 deaths into it.

Will this be a repeat of the Iraq War, or are we really in for another World War like the media expectedly keeps hinting at?

By Robin Syrenne
Aug 28, 2013 @ 21:57


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