Would it Kill You to Wear a Blazer?

Would it Kill You to Wear a Blazer?

Blazer and Suit Styling Tips
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With the Best and Worst Dressed Lists for the Oscars trending on the Internet, we should take a look at why it’s still important to dress up for certain occasions and scenarios in the 21st Century. 

Only if you're King of the Hill

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Unless you’re one of these guys, you need to dress up sometimes. 

Formal Gatherings

It's a wedding

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When the time comes for a social gathering like a wedding, a networking event, a funeral or an award ceremony, you should wear a suit (only suit to some) or at least something more formal. When you make an effort to dress up for your friends and family, it shows sign of respect, maturity and that you know how to handle yourself in certain situations. You never know where you might meet a potential romantic interest or even a future employer.

A Job Interview or Work

Look good for the job

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Recently, I’ve been going to a lot of interviews and I’ve noticed that some candidates show up in t-shirts and jeans. It’s good that some interviewers take things casually and relaxed, but would you hire a guy who's wearing a Black Sabbath shirt during your first meeting? (Ok, it might work for a music internship, but still...)

If you already have a job, dress to stand out from the crowd in a casual chic way since nothing gets you noticed like your appearance.

A First Date

Look good for your significant other

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Unless you’re going to a very fancy and expensive restaurant, don’t wear a suit and tie. You should wear something like a blazer with jeans and a casual dress shirt. You should dress to impress without overdoing it. Even if you're on a regular date, you should still try to look good for your significant other.

When You’re Travelling

Dress like Clooney when travelling

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You should still look good while you’re on the go; I mean, you might meet somebody, so try not to be sloppy! Also, when checking in to your flight or hotel, you might even get an upgrade if you’re really lucky and look like Clooney.

Places Where You Wouldn’t Normally Wear a Suit

Don’t know what to wear to a night at the bar with friends or to a quiet afternoon at your local coffee shop? Wear your suit, you’ll be ready for any situation like this guy.

Be prepared like Bond

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