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    Eye Candy: Top Mens Wear Beauty Moments From SS15 Paris
    1 month 2 weeks agoJade Gareau
    So far, menswear SS15 put forth anything and everything from Manga Astro Boys to Hendrix worthy flower power. Enjoy our top 5 beauty moments from Paris Fashion Week.  1. James Long's Sports Jesus Aesthetic Source Nothing, I mean nothing, goes better with multicolored knitwear than a neon stamped weave. Each model's hair took about an hour and a half to dye & every single boy was stitched from the neck up to the parting. “Hippy, dippy, trippy Jesus hair,” was the less formal...
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    Bike Messenger Cover
    1 month 4 weeks agoLux Cabatingan
    Before fixed gear bikes became a joke there was the Bike Messenger. From NYC to Antwerp - they are a small tribe of idealistic and (somewhat) self destructive misfits and adrenaline chasers whos style/personas draw and reflect a spectrum of subcultures (punk, hip hop, graffiti, crackhead on the street). While a true OG messenger will tell you that it's a lifestyle not a look, it doesn't hurt to take a few pointers from their utilitarian, individual, DIY approach to fashion.   via The...
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    Trending: 5 Summer Menswear Collections That Kill Pt 2
    2 months 1 week agoJade Gareau
    From abstract forms to mix N match prints, menswear continues to produce surreal concepts that are too epic to ignore. Take a few mins to brush up on and/or discover our fav summer 14-15 menswear collections that kill. Eyewear included. 1. PARAÍSO!  Pretty as a picture. Designer Krizia Robustella and bearded artist David Mendez aka (Misterthefreak) have joined forces with PARAÍSO, a label designed to teach us all that scribbling is a legitimate skill. ...
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    3 months 1 week agoMarc-Antoine Bigras
    Guys, the sun is finally out and it's time to put away those winter jackets and take out your warm weather attire. This first thing that you need to know about summer clothes is that colour is key. Warm weather = warm colours. But it's easy to over do it and look tacky. Looking crispy is not necessarily about standing out, and so adding colours to your outfit in unexpected ways is a great way to be original all the while still looking classy. A great way to add colour to an outfit is with...
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    Hip Hop Artists Inspire Their Fashion Sense From Art Before the 16th Century
    4 months 1 week agoNick Brutus Grass Younes
    Rappers in the mainstream Hip-Hop industry constantly compare themselves to Gods, Kings, and reincarnated deities, almost always covered in heavy jewellery that is highly comparable to old civilization aesthetics. What if the idea of recreating these looks went far deeper than just a mere coincidence? "Highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century." is the tagline for the newly eradicated Tumblr "B4XVI" curated by @...
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    Au Courant ss14
    4 months 2 weeks agoMay Goldhacker
    The Parisian brand, Au Courant, recently released their SS14 collection – inspired by the Hughes Brothers film, The Book of Eli. If you have yet to see the film, its plot circles around Eli, a nomad in a post-apocalyptic world, and his journey to deliver a mysterious book to a safe haven on the West Coast of the United States. The garments in the collection are meant to represent Eli’s isolated journey across barren lands in order to complete his mission. What’s cool about this collection...
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    The Beckhams Continue to Pimp Their Kids
    4 months 2 weeks agoVictoria Gies
    David and Victoria are at it again, continuing to rake in the money from their genetically gifted kids with two smouldering photo shoots this week featuring David and his oldest son, Brooklyn. You may remember the second oldest son, Romeo being featured in Burberry's campaign last year alongside Cara Delevingne.  Photos: Burberry Brooklyn got his own photo shoot, but we can't help but wonder how much Victoria's ego had to do with this. At least he was better behaved than other celebrity...
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