Style Icon Saturday: Kate Foley

Style Icon Saturday: Kate Foley

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As some of you may know, I’m usually dressed in all black, funeral ready outfits during the winter but as the temperature is (kind of) rising, I’m excited to ditch my darker pieces in exchange for something lighter. The first person that came to mind for spring wardrobe inspiration was none other than Opening Ceremony’s New York buyer, Kate Foley.

You’ve probably heard about her by now, especially after New York Fashion Week. Foley, who’s originally from London, has been popping up in street style blogs everywhere! She describes her style as comfortable, playful, contrasting and feminine. Since she’s moved to New York, she’s been more risky with her outfit choices. Her go-to office outfit? “Some days I go in dressed nicely, but generally most days I’m wearing colourful pants and Nike sneakers and a t-shirt. It’s fun because you can just do whatever you want.”

How to steal her style:

1. Chunky Heels & White Socks

chunky shoes

white socks, platforms

American Apparel Socks, Carven T-Strap Platform Sandals

Although Foley adores her black Nike sneakers, she’s usually photographed in platforms or wedges paired with white socks. “I'm forever bleaching [my white socks] and buying new pairs to keep them pristine," says Foley. Also, wearing white socks with heels is a great way to transition your heels, making it bearable to wear in colder months.


2. Mini Cross Body Bag

mini cross body bag

mini bags

Coach Poppy Eyelet Bag, Rebecca Minkoff Craig Camera Bag

When you’re always on the go like Foley, grabbing your large satchel may seem like a good idea but in fact, a smaller bag can keep you more organized. A mini cross body bag allows you to keep your hands free and avoids adding unnecessary bulk to your outfit.

3. White/Cream Dresses

white dress

cotton dress

Vintage sheer embroidered dress from Free People

Foley enjoys wearing white cotton nighties all year long. In colder seasons, she pairs them with heavier layers such as leather, camouflage and varsity jackets with black tights. Not ripped ones though! That’s one of her pet peeves. When looking for white dresses, visit vintage stores first or sites like Etsy and Ebay. They’ll probably have a larger selection of cotton or linen white dresses with details. Hunt for dresses that have lace detailing and a bit of embroidery to achieve the look.


4. Delicate Jewelry and Mini Tattoos

delicate rings

delicate rings

Artemer Thin Gold Ring, The Bealine Petit Mort Ring

To match Foley’s contrasting style, delicate jewelry and tattoos are a given. She wears the same jewelry everyday – her Delfina Deletrrez Skull Ring, three vintage gold wedding bands, vintage gold snake band and a silver skull necklace. As for her tattoos, she sees them as an art form or an accessory rather than having them tell a story. When looking for jewelry like Foley’s, look for thin chains or bands with minimal embellishments. Skulls are always welcome, for it’s one of her favourite motifs.

5. Bright Lipstick

bright lips


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in En Vogue, MAC Perpetual Flame

How can one forget makeup? Makeup can be a person’s most recognized “accessory”, creating their signature look. Kate Foley is always sporting a bright lip usually in coral pinks or brilliant reds. Lipstick is one of the ways to pull together a simple or casual outfit, making your outfit more polished. Check out more spring lipstick trends here.

So there you go readers! Check back next week for another Style Icon Saturday!

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