Victims Of VPL Syndrome Need Your Help

  • Most days I ask myself, "do some people even look themselves over before they leave the house?". When you're wearing anything that reveals your underwear, that ass is never looking as good as it could. Visible Panty Lines are NOT a good look and it can even be über gross, as tacky as those who wear bras with open back shirts and non-strapless bras with tube tops/dresses. A particularly disturbing faux-pas is leggings with granny panties underneath. Really? Seriously? 

    Even the most carefully selected outfit isn't immune from the dreaded Visible Panty Lines, otherwise known as VPL syndrome. It's one of, if not the most common, fashion faux-pas out there. Luckily, there are a couple preventative measures you can take to avoid becoming a victim of VPL syndrome.

    Time for a bit of physics: the Visible Panty Line is basically the apparition of the elastic or lining of the panties underneath a material or fabric, which is either of a higher elastic resistance or of lighter material weight. Jersey, jersey knit, matte jersey, light cotton blend and some polyesters are notorious for their VPL-enabling properties. The way these materials hug the contours of your body is essentially the reason why they're so susceptible to VPL, which arguably, is a huge no-no. The last thing we want when attempting to show off our curves is an unsightly elastic band creating a ridge the size of the effing Rocky Mountain Range, am I right?

    As a result, we women are constantly on the hunt for invisible panty lines, but not at any cost. They should first and foremost be comfortable. Next, they should hug the body just-so. Lastly, they should provide a bit of "assistance" in the shaping department. Now, is that so much to ask for?

    A brand with a high profile for their ability to keep things low profile is Soma Intimates, famous for making panties which forsake traditional seamed lining in favor of a silicone adhesive (check out their vanishing edge line), for a VPL-free look. Since there are no elastics, the blend of spandex nylon keeps the panty flat against curves, while the silicone provides enough grip to keep ride-ups at bay. I'll admit it does take a bit of time to get accustomed to the silicone adhesive; they seem to have a greater purpose as a formal and casual panty rather than sportswear. It's not the most breathable material, so let's put it this way; I wouldn't want to be my gym bag after a summer workout with these. 

    The simplest way to go is with a thong or g-string, but even they can show if their elastic digs into your skin. If you're brave enough to do this, simply go commando. This means no underwear at all. It's the only way to know that there are no panty lines whatsoever and of course it can feel sexy. Another alternative is to go 'Faux Commando'with the help of disposable (and relatively Eco-friendly) adhesive cotton patches that you slap on the inside of your clothing to sort of get the illusion of going G.I. Jane without the 'irritation' normally caused.

    Panty lines aren't the end of the world. In fact, it turns some people on, there's even a facebook group called: Ladies Visible Panty Lines / VPL where you can view candid pictures and videos of panty lines. It is a fetish after all, but this is a fashion section, so let's not get our panties bunched up.

    The end.

  • By Sara Bayat
    1 year 3 months ago
    Filed under Women


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